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Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd is an IT Company based in Mauritius with solid footprint in Wi-Fi deployment, Network Infrastructure Solutions, and IT Managed Services with a tailormade consultancy approach. With today’s businesses being more and more demanding towards a qualitative touch accompanied by a trusted level of support for solutions/services delivered, Cybersolutiononline has forged its way to be the right partner for your business. We work our design out of the most complex scenarios into a simple and cost-effective solution to ensure that our Customers receive the best solutions for their businesses in different industries and sectors in Mauritius. Our Core Values is at the heart of our business and reside in the below unique approach: • Agility-In providing companies with a roadmap approach to their projects • Trust-Our strong belief in solutions we deliver • Commitment-Our continuous support and services to our Customers • Dedicated Maintenance & Support on our Solutions

Our Services

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Name of the proposal:

CYBERSOLUTIONONLINE ESHOP LTD takes a hands-on approach to propose a CCTV Solution System for your home and office

Project Scope:

As per master plan for this project, 1 complete house surveillance and 1 indoor camera for baby room.

The image below illustrates the type of CCTV Cameras

Proposal of a CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras come with different package you have bundle pack or Standalone products:

Whether your goal is to deter break-ins and theft, prevent vandalism, monitor traffic, or keep an eye on employees, CCTV could provide a significant benefit for your home or business.

Whether you need basic wired analog cameras, or you want the latest wireless IP cameras with every advanced feature available, we can address your needs. We can also help you overcome problems with camera vandalism by offering dust-resistant housings and bullet-resistant, explosion-proof casings. Our wide range of affordable, high-quality CCTV products is sure to be the perfect addition to your home/company’s security efforts.

Things to Consider

We provide different range of CCTV Camera Products


Client Side

> Camera

> Internet Connection

> Storage Device (DVR or NVR or Cloud Storage)

> Trunking and Conduit

PROPOSED SOLUTION (Exclude Installation and Setup)

Installation and remote Setup Price range ( Rs3500 to Rs5000)

> Cost may vary depends of number of cameras to be installed 

> Including Trucking, Conduit, Plexo Boxes, Accessories, etc…

> Remote Configuration on Router & Mobile Phone Setup included

> Transport Cost included

> Additional Storage Disk Capacity Available(Depends of number of days of recording you wish)