Functions of the components of solar power system

Solar power system consists of solar panels,solar controller,batteries(group),such as the output power sully for AC220V or 110V,also need to configure inverter,the role of the various parts as below:
1:Solar panels:Solar panels is the central parts of its role which take the sun’s light energy,converted to electrical energy,or to the battery which is stored up or promote the work load.
2:Solar control : solar controllers’ role is to control the whole system working state,and offer battery charge protection,,over discharge protection role,controller also have temperature compensation,other additional features,such as light-control switch when the control switch
3:Battery,lead-acid batteries generally,their role is when there is light emitted by solar panels save energy,to be released when it needed
4:Inverter:When the need to provide 200VAC,110VAC AC POWER,Due to the direct output of solar panels are generally 12VDC,24VDC,48VDC And so on,in order to provide