GPS is a satellite navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object. GPS technology was first used by the United States military in the 1960s and expanded into civilian use over the next few decades. Today, GPS receivers are included in many commercial products, such as automobiles, smartphones, exercise watches, animals, etc…

The use of GPS receivers is increasingly common, and it is surprising the variety of tasks for which the system delivers reliable results. Today, GPS receivers, except for military purposes, which was the original reason for the system’s creation, are used by surveyors, foresters, geologists, geophysicists, geographers, hydrographers, agronomists, in short all the professions that need field work.

In addition to professional and professional use in various sciences, GPS is also widely applied in everyday civilian life – various forms of transportation (by truck, boat and aircraft), sports (nautics, parachuting, hiking, etc.), until the incorporation of GPS as a system. for navigation, in passenger cars.

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