What is a Smart Home system?

This is a combination of sensors, detectors, switches and buttons, relays, controllers, various actuators and control devices (remote controls, handheld or personal computer, mobile phone, touch screen). The devices can be interconnected by means of low-current and power cables, as well as a radio channel.

Not everyone understands what this is actually about. For many people, the concept of Smart Home is still fantastic and transcendent, and someone completely ignores its existence.

The abundance of household appliances that constantly surrounds us, on the one hand, makes life more comfortable and allows you to spend less time and effort on solving everyday problems, and on the other hand, creates the need to understand the many functions that this equipment has. The desire to automate the operation of all electrical appliances and communications and use their capabilities to the maximum, spending a minimum of effort, led to the emergence and subsequent increase in popularity of the concept of “smart home”.