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Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021

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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus – the all-rounder from Office

If you want to have access to the complete package of Office 2021, you are on the safe side with Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus. This version offers access to all the essential tools and functions that are important for professional work. Especially in comparison to the last version, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus has been able to make significant technical improvements. This makes it easy to work with many exciting improvements and new help.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021

Numerous new functions for optimal use

Even though Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus has basically only been adapted and revised on a smaller scale, there are many new details. This applies, for example, to technical values such as the performance of the application, which is now significantly better. Should you want to use Office 2021 professionally, the technical revisions will quickly become a significant advantage.

Complementary to this, however, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus also allows you to rely on many technical aspects. This is true, for example, of laser tracking for recorded PowerPoint presentations. Excel has also seen many new benefits with the XLOOKUP and Dynamic Arrays features that simplify spreadsheets. So the new version is also all about improving the many existing content.

These individual applications are included in Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus

But what exactly can you expect with the new Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus? In order to give you a complete overview, we have once again presented the basic functions in detail. This makes it easy to distinguish the individual applications more precisely and to see what you need for your daily work. So you can rely on the following versions:

  • Word

Clearly formatted and unambiguous texts can be created in no time with Word. This makes it easy to use Word for professional documents and to point out all important details. Tables, images and much more can also always be integrated.

  • Excel

Precisely calculated tables are becoming an important principle in many industries. Therefore, Excel is an important basic program for many businesses, which can also be used with Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus. Especially the new functions become an advantage.

  • PowerPoint

Unique and individually planned presentations can be created with PowerPoint. Here, too, you basically do not need any new experience, but can work intuitively and directly on exciting presentations. For school, university and profession PowerPoint becomes very important.

  • OneNote

Taking notes in this day and age does not necessarily still require a pen and paper. With OneNote, new notes can be made flexibly without losing the structure. This makes it easy to take notes spontaneously on the go and to collect them well.

  • Publisher

Publisher is just the right application for creating modern layouts and diverse graphic designs. It makes it easy for you to access numerous templates and design options for your projects. Try Publisher for yourself as part of Office 2021.

  • Access

When it comes to making and using databases, Access becomes a very practical solution. Even without experience in programming, you can get started with Access. It is ideally suited for private projects as well as business.

  • Outlook

For the smooth organization of your mails Outlook becomes a compact simplification. The mail program has been an integral part of Microsoft Office for many years. With Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus, you can also expect the necessary comfort on your PC.

Microsoft Excel 2021

Microsoft Teams as an aid for smooth links

Also very exciting is the integration of Microsoft Teams, which has made it much easier to collaborate with other users. Especially in conjunction with Windows 11, it is easy to use Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus collaboratively. This is not only made possible by the newly integrated video conferences, but also by the joint work on individual documents. In addition, the individual files can be accessed at any time and from any location via the cloud. This makes Microsoft Teams in the new Office a good replacement for the previous Skype.

The difference between Microsoft Office 2021 Professional and Plus

In addition to the content presented, many users are wondering how Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus and Microsoft Office 2021 Professional differ in detail. Most of the time, the distinction between Standard and Professional is quite simple. However, when it comes to the difference between the two Professional versions, our handy table will help:


Office 2021

Office 2021
Professional Plus

Availability of all basic programs



Link to volume licenses



Automatic update control



Microsoft Teams integration



Advanced Business Intelligence



Commercial use possible                       Yes


App Telementry as function



Support and ongoing assistance



The best package for professional use

For those who specifically decide against a subscription and prefer a one-time purchase, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is the best complete package. Especially for business collaboration and the desired professionalism, this version therefore becomes the best solution. This makes it easy to use the entirety of features, without a limit on the term. You can also rely on helpful support when needed. It is not without reason that Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus becomes a best choice both individually and with volume licensing.

More productivity for recurring tasks

Of course, the even better productivity is not only derived from the revised tools and functions. Above all, the practical improvements in the area of technology mean that the application has now been noticeably simplified once again. This applies, for example, to the new Dark Mode, which allows you to be significantly more productive even in the evening hours. The already mentioned adjustments for Excel and PowerPoint also contribute to a higher efficiency.

So Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus will continue to be just the right choice for you to access the best version of Office. Not only with the new operating system Windows 11, but of course also with the predecessor, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is thus still compatible. This makes it easy to do well in everyday business through it.

Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus now right here

Are you interested in Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus and would like to update your previous version? With the 2021 edition, you can rely on many measures for optimized collaboration and stay on the safe side in the long term. At the same time, the key for Office 2021 is valid indefinitely and can therefore be used excellently. For this reason, don’t wait any longer, but buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus from us now.

System Requirements
  •     Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 11 Server 2019/2021
  •     Processor: 1 GHz (32- or 64-bit)
  •     Memory: at least 2 GB RAM
  •     Hard drive space: min. 3 GB
  •     Image resolution: at least 1,280 x 800 pixels
  •     Graphics card:    DirectX 10


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